Ivanka Trump Converts to Judaism for Fiancé

She opens up about about her relationship and why Kushner will make a "great father"

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After a lengthy courtship, some celeb-watchers may have wondered what was taking Jared Kushner so long to propose to Ivanka Trump.

The answer was rooted in religion: until Trump converted to Judaism, they could not be engaged. This week, however, Trump completed the lengthy process.

“Jared is my best friend for many reasons, she tells New York magazine. “I’ve allowed him to see who I truly am and he still loves me. I don’t feel like I have any defensive walls built up around me.”

She continues: “He’s a bit of a hero of mine. His ability to remain focused – he lacks an anxiety that’s natural for someone his age handed so much responsibility.”

After meeting through mutual friends, Trump tells the magazine, the couple began dating – a “slow courtship, as she describes it.

“It’s very rare we’re featured [in the press] out at some fancy restaurant on a date,” she says. “We’re very mellow. We go to the park. We go biking together. We go to the 2nd Avenue Deli. We both live in this fancy world. But on a personal level, I don’t think I could be with somebody – I know he couldn’t be with somebody – who needed to be ‘on’ all the time.”


They also like spending time at home. “I’ve learned how to cook,” Trump says. “Once a week, we have a night in and I cook for just the two of us. We turn everything off and spend time together and talk about what we’re working on.”

And unlike her parents, Trump says don t expect the happy couple to work together any time soon.

“I think it’s healthy to have a separation in our interests,” she explains. “I love being able to talk business with my father [but] I don’t know if I’d want to have a difference of opinion come between me and my boyfriend, or me and my husband, or whatever it may be. And, neither of us would naturally assume a secondary-type role.”

But, the best part about her husband-to-be? “He’ll be a great father,” she gushed, adding that he has a “beautiful” relationship with his own dad. “He knows how to prioritize what’s important.”
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