The couple star in The Brothers Grimsby

By Jessica Fecteau
Updated March 04, 2016 02:00 PM
Credit: Barry King/Getty

When you’re in a relationship with someone like the unpredictable Sacha Baron Cohen, you have to be up for surprises.

Thankfully, Isla Fisher, who has been in a relationship with the comedian for 15 years (married for the last six), says she doesn’t mind his antics.

“Maybe I m sick and twisted, but I tend to find [him] really funny,” Fisher said at The Brothers Grimsby premiere in L.A. Thursday night. Cohen is famous for playing outlandish characters like Kazakh import Borat, fashionista Brüno, and rapper Ali G., whom he resurrected at the Academy Awards on Feb. 29.

Still, Fisher certainly wasn’t expecting Cohen’s latest gag, as he arrived at their joint film premiere dressed as Nobby, his soccer-mad character from the movie, and proceeded to endorse Donald Trump. “He always surprises me in the best possible way,” says Fisher, who plays an MI-6 agent in the film.

In fact, says the 40-year-old actress, her husband’s humor serves a larger societal good.

“It’s really easy for everyone to get so politically correct that there’s no room for comedy, for people to find humor,” she explains. “So I m proud of him for taking risks and putting himself out there as an artist. I think once we start censoring everything, well, what will there be left to look forward to?”

As for the film, Fisher says, “It’s supposed to make you laugh.”

The Brothers Grimsby is in theaters March 11.