When filming Borat, Fisher would ask, "Did you get beat up? Are you getting sued?"

By Marla Lehner
Updated August 06, 2007 03:00 PM

In Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen’s relationship, one thing is certain: Life is never dull.

When Cohen was filming his controversial comedy, Borat, Fisher tells Details magazine: “Instead of ‘Hey, Honey, did you pick up the dry cleaning?,’ it was ‘Did you get beaten up? Are you getting sued? Is there a warrant out for your arrest?’ ”

But the 31-year-old actress, who stars in the new movie Hot Rod, says despite her fiancé’s notoriety, they do not attract much attention from the public or paparazzi in their daily lives. “We kind of get away with it,” she says. “I’m knocking on wood.”

And though funnyman Cohen often plays clueless characters – from Borat to faux rapper-interviewer Ali G – Fisher credits him with helping her find her acting niche.

After being frustrated by the dramatic roles being offered, Fisher says, “Sacha was like, ‘Why don’t you go funny?'” Soon after, she auditioned for Wedding Crashers, in which she charmed audiences as the wacky Gloria Cleary.

The couple, who are expecting their first child together this winter, have not yet set a wedding date. But the actress recently told PEOPLE she’s “very happy and very excited” about impending parenthood.