November 13, 2015 12:30 PM

ABC Breaking News | Latest News VideosThe mother of James Foley has said news that the ISIS terrorist Jihadi John (who beheaded her son) was killed in an American airstrike is no solace – and she deplored the government’s quest for “revenge” that led to the military action.

“It saddens me that here in American, we’re celebrating the killing of this deranged, pathetic young man. Had circumstances been different, Jim probably would have befriended him and tried to help him,” Diane told ABC News on Friday.

She added: “Jim would have been devastated with the whole thing. Jim was a peacemaker. He wanted to know how we could figure a why this was happening.

On Thursday, American military officials announced that they were investigating whether they had killed the infamous hooded, British-born terrorist who was seen in multiple online video beheading American, British and Japanese hostages.

The militant who has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi, was thought to have been hit by a missile as he left a building in Raqqa, Syria, and entered a vehicle. One official called the strike “flawless” and a “clean hit with no collateral damage, ABC News reported.

Foley, a 40-year-old war correspondent was abducted from Syria in 2012 and beheaded by Emwazi nearly two years later in August 2014. Video of the brutal execution was posted online, horrifying millions and turning Emwazi, who was dubbed “Jihadi John” for his flawless London English accent, into one of the most sought-after terrorists in the world.

The widow of David Haines, a British aid worker who was killed by Islamic State militants last September, shares Diane’s viewpoint, saying the possible death of “Jihadi John” would have been “too easy for him.”

Dragana Haines told The Associated Press that it would have been much better for the families of the victims if the terrorist had faced trial.

“I personally would have liked to be able to come to the trial, look him in the face and see what kind of man is that,” she said.

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