"I am very excited to get out on the road," he says after recovering from his rib removal
Credit: Alexandra Wyman/WireImage

Isaac Hanson is doing “very well,” after a rib resection surgery last month, he tells PEOPLE.

“I am very excited to get out on the road,” says the 27-year-old Hanson, adding happily that his guitar playing shouldn’t be affected. “Let the rocking commence!”

Hospitalized in October for pulmonary embolism, Hanson underwent surgery to remove a blood clot, which required a follow up procedure to remove his first rib.

“Of course, my wife Nikki was watching me very carefully, to make sure I was taking it easy,” Hanson says of his recovery from the December procedure. “I’m relieved to have it behind me and I really feel that the problem will no longer be an issue.”

His condition came about due to the repetitive motion of guitar playing, which built up extra muscle and scar tissue in the area. The rib removal serves to relieve restriction on a vein that can result in serious blood clotting and more pulmonary embolisms.

Hanson will remain on blood-thinning medication for the time being, but he expects to resume touring with brothers Taylor and Zac in March.