It's the new #TheDress that is sure to have us scratching our heads over the next few weeks

By George Stark
Updated September 25, 2015 07:00 PM
Credit: maskari/imgur

Move over the white and gold dress – there’s a new conundrum in town that has just gone viral.

Step forward the mind-bending image of a little girl that looks as though she’s either about to plunge into a swimming pool, or already submerged underwater.

The image appears on Imgur and already has two strong for and against arguments forming on the Internet. One commenter argues: “Her hair is dry. She is just jumping in a shallow pool and little droplets have flown around her looking like air bubbles.” While another angrily noted: “THEN HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THE BUBBLES AROUND HER FACE, HUH, HUUUHHHHH!?”

However, unlike the drama of #TheDress in February earlier this year, it seems there is stronger group in that are in agreement – that the girl in the picture isn’t underwater. But the fact that there’s even an argument to be had is sure to divide and drive people crazy once again.