Is 'Perfect' About Taylor Swift? Harry Styles Will Never Tell (But Louis Tomlinson Might!)

"I'm never going to tell someone what a song's about, because I feel like it's up to them," Styles tells PEOPLE

Photo: David Krieger/Bauer-Griffin/GC

When One Direction released their second single “Perfect” (off their upcoming album Made in the A.M., out Nov. 19 – preorder it here) fans immediately saw the song as Harry Styles‘ response to Taylor Swift‘s hit “Style.”

The two briefly dated in late 2012, and Swift’s song is reportedly about her relationship with Styles.

“I think people interpret songs in different ways,” Styles tells PEOPLE about the rumors. “I’m never going to tell someone what a song’s about because I feel like it’s up to them.”

Admitting he hasn’t heard the mash-up of the two songs that went viral, Styles was ever the gentleman, adding, “I’m sure it’s good.”

His bandmate Louis Tomlinson co-penned the song with him, and was a bit more revealing than Styles.

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“I think everybody draws from personal experiences, so of course to a degree I’m sure that influenced some of it,” Tomlinson said of the rumors. “Down to specifics to who that song is exactly about, that’s fan’s interpretation, I suppose.”

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