The app says the "ban" was the result of a minor account issue that has been resolved
Credit: gotpap/Star Max/GC Images

Looks like Kendall Jenner needs a ride.

The 20-year-old model was allegedly “banned” from Uber, according to her older sister, Kim Kardashian West. In a Snapchat video from Friday night, the reality star laments being forced to act as Jenner’s driver.

“Yeah, she’s suspended,” Kardashian West said on Snapchat in a clip using the golden butterfly filter. “This is not fair. … so we just wanna know why was Kendall suspended? She’s literally, like, a model passenger.”

“I’m the best client,” Jenner claims as she giggles. “I don’t understand.”

“And now I have to go drive Kendall around town when I have a spray tan that I have to get to and it’s already 11 o’clock at night,” Kardashian West continues as the two appear to be in a car. “Thank you, Uber.”

Kardashian West, 35, also tweeted about the situation with a joke directed at the ride-sharing app.

Kendall Jenner Pierced Her WHAT?!

However, it seems the whole situation is just a misunderstanding.

Following Kardashian West’s complaints on social media, the app has explained the mix-up as a “minor account issue.”

“She has not been banned,” an Uber source tells PEOPLE. “It was a minor account issue that is being resolved. While it is being resolved her account was put on hold. Uber support has reached out.”

Reporting by ANA CALDERONE