The Saving Grace star is coy about a big ring she flashes on Craig Ferguson's show

By Cynthia Wang
May 20, 2010 07:30 PM
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson/CBS

It was her sparkly ring that caught his eye and he couldn’t let it go.

Craig Ferguson tried mightily to tease an engagement announcement out of Oscar-winning actress Holly Hunter on CBS’s The Late Late Show airing Thursday, but she would only drop hints.

Pointing to her left hand, Ferguson asked, “Do you have some news?” Hunter regarded the ring and then looked up at Ferguson with a smile, replying, “Well, you know ”

Ferguson pretended to drop the subject, then continued, “It’s a bold statement right there.” Hunter quickly added, “I know, isn’t it, though? It’s very bold, from a very confident man.” But she wouldn’t say more.

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Ferguson, still looking at the ring, said, “He used to have money at one point, clearly. Probably not so much any more!”

Hunter, 52, who is finishing the final season of her TNT drama Saving Grace, started dating actor Gordon MacDonald in 2001. Five years later, Hunter gave birth to their twin boys.