"We've never left each other's sides," she Tweeted about her family

By Michele Corriston
Updated April 15, 2015 04:05 PM
David Livingston/Getty; Marion Curtis/StartraksPhoto

Ireland Baldwin‘s famous family is there to support her as she seeks treatment for “emotional trauma.”

The model shared an old photo Wednesday of dad Alec Baldwin visiting her – and sharing a breakfast treat – after she was hospitalized for appendicitis earlier this month.

“This is the last thing I’m going to say about everything that’s been going on…” she Tweeted. “Both of my parents, step mom, carmen and friends were all there for me at all times. Little do you know … We’ve never left each other’s sides.”

(Carmen is her dad’s 20-month-old daughter with current wife Hilaria, who has another baby on the way.)

Alec Baldwin, 57, re-Tweeted the posts.

In a final Tweet about her condition, Baldwin seemed to defend her father and mom Kim Basinger, who divorced in 2002 and publicly fought a bitter custody battle – as well as ex-girlfriend Angel Haze, who a source tells PEOPLE has nothing to do with Baldwin seeking help.

“I would also be so grateful if everyone didn’t choose to attack & blame anyone for what I chose to do with my life,” she said Wednesday. “I’m taking care of me.”

On Monday, the model revealed that she had checked herself into SOBA Recovery Center for two weeks to get “intensive therapy.”

“She’s not using, this is not drug-related, she voluntarily checked herself in,” a source previously told PEOPLE. “She’s just been in some tough situations lately, and it’s gotten a bit stressful and overwhelming, so she’s just being proactive. She’s in there to get the tools she needs to move forward in a positive direction.”

With reporting by CATHERINE KAST