'This American Life' Host Ira Glass Files for Divorce from Wife of 16 Years: Report

Ira Glass shared that the couple had actually "separated a few years ago" in a March 17 broadcast of "This American Life"

Photo: Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Ira Glass, host of the popular public radio show This American Life, has filed for divorce from his wife of 16 years.

The New York Daily News reports that court documents filed Monday reveal that Glass and writer Anaheed Alani, 46, were ending their marriage. The duo wed in 2005 before moving from Chicago to New York.

The 58-year-old radio host shared that the couple had actually “separated a few years ago” in a March 17 broadcast of This American Life.

Glass hinted at problems within the relationship during an interview with The Guardian published in May 2016.

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“I think Anaheed and I could do this whole thing better, and that we’re a terrible role model for anyone,” he said when asked how he manages a work-life balance with a partner as busy as he is. “We muddle our way through, for sure. And we’ve been together for 20 years – but it’s hard on us. I feel like I know other people who manage it way, way better.”

According to the interview, Glass and Alani have no children but share a pet dog.

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