By Stephen M. Silverman
August 07, 2002 01:00 PM

Congressional lawmakers, saying that they have tried without success to interview Martha Stewart regarding the ImClone scandal, demanded her e-mail messages and her Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia business manager’s records on Tuesday, reports Wednesday’s New York Times. The newspaper notes that the ultimatum marks “the first time that investigators for the House Energy and Commerce Committee have made a direct link of Stewart’s stock sale, which she has called a personal matter, to the company that bears her name.” Rep. James Greenwood (R.-Pa.), speaking to New York’s Daily News, said in regard to Stewart’s refusal to meet with the committee, “We have been very patient about our polite requests to (Stewart’s) attorneys. At some point, you can’t just tell the United States Congress to go pound sand.” Greenwood said Stewart, 61, has until Aug. 21 to deliver the requested information. The investigation stems from Stewart’s sale of nearly 4,000 ImClone shares a day before the company announced that the Food and Drug Administration had rejected its application for approval of a cancer drug. The Times reports that Jeffrey H. Smith, a lawyer for Stewart, said in a letter to the committee delivered late Tuesday that his firm has asked to have any meeting between Stewart and the investigators delayed until at least after Congress’s August recess. A spokesperson for Stewart would not comment to The Times on the matter, other than to confirm the name of the company business manager, Heidi DeLuca.