Plus, listen to his "Burn For You" track and find out how the show inspires him

By Jessica Herndon
August 23, 2009 03:40 PM
Courtesy Jace Everett

Though there are only three episodes left to the second season of the eerie, sexy HBO series True Blood, it’s not too late to meet the voice behind the hit show’s theme song “Bad Things.” Indiana native Jace Everett’s cinematic country blues runs deep on his latest record Red Revelations, out now.

Here are five things to know about the husky-voiced crooner:

True Blood inspires his song writing: Though the show’s theme song was picked from a tune Everett wrote “a while back,” there are a few tunes penned from watching the show. “‘Burn For You’ was written after the episode where Bill catches on fire after trying to save Sookie,” says Everett. “‘Damned if I Do’ is a love song,” he adds. “Now, I’ve never actually been love with a vampire, but it could be a love song between a vampire and a human.”

Click here to listen to “Burn For You”:

He’s done of bit of biting himself: “I’ve been bitten many times,” says the singer. “Most of the stories I don’t think I should tell, but I bit a kid’s earlobe off once in a fight when I was real little. Like 10. This was long before Mike [Tyson]].” Just why did he go to such extreme measures? “I think we were fighting over a girl.”

He speaks a little French: His 13-year-old son lives in the south of France and though his offspring is fluent in French, Everett says his use of the language could use a little work. “We speak in English unless we’re in a group and we don’t want people to know what we’re saying,” he says of he and his son. “But it’s like talking to a 3-year-old. My French is terrible. He deals with it and corrects me.”

He has some nutty fans: “This girl took a 16-hour train ride from Sacramento to Salem, Oregon, to see me,” recalls Everett. “But she had some sort of altercation, got arrested and missed the show. She showed up as we were packing up and I gave her a hug.” Because he’d misspelled her name when previously autographing her LP, she requested and edit. “She had an agenda,” he joked.

He rescued his dog Teddy: “He had parvo so he was like five days in the vet hospital,” says the singer. “Some hoarder lady had him in the backyard with a bunch of dogs.” Luckily Everett’s terrier mutt Teddy is now safe and sound at home with his owner in Nashville. “I run with my dog everyday,” adds Everett. “He’s so sweet and so full of fun.”