Introducing 'Hamilton', Broadway's Hip-Hop Inspired Musical

This multicultural musical is bringing history to life in a modern way


Rise up!

Hamilton is bringing history to life in a modern way. Blending together a combination of genres such as R&B, hip-hop and traditional musical theater, this multicultural production follows the extraordinary life of Alexander Hamilton and prominent historical figures.

Created by Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton‘s praise can be earned from the exquisite costumes to the endless rap battles to the clever melodies.

“The rap battle, they light up. This very dense, historically accurate musical makes these people come alive in their heads,” Miranda told Rolling Stone. “That’s what’s really cool to me. So, yes, the average theatergoer will enjoy this show, but I also think we have a unique opportunity for people who feel like musicals aren’t for them to say, “This is for you.”

According to Rolling Stone, the show has already “earned advance ticket sales of more than $30 million and won cosigns from Stephen Sondheim and President Obama, who attended a a recent preview performance.

The New York Times said in a glowing review that Hamilton is “making its own resonant history by changing the language of musicals.”

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