YouTube comedian HartBeat also talked about her first negative comment

By Gillian Telling Gabrielle Olya
June 23, 2016 07:10 PM

Comedian and YouTube star HartBeat doesn’t mince her words when asked why she started making comedy videos for the site.

“Because I was black and lesbian,” she told the crowd at VidCon 2016 during the Race and Relations panel on Thursday at the annual conference for digital creators and celebrities. “There weren’t any on YouTube at all when I was searching.”

The good news? Because of the comedian’s efforts, now there are plenty of different perspectives and kinds of stars on YouTube.

“Once I started posting, they started coming out of the woodworks!” she told the audience with a laugh.

HartBeat, who first started posting sketch comedy and music videos in 2009, got serious when talking about what it’s like dealing with negative online commenters.

“There’s a lot of things society loves to hate on me,” she said. “One, I’m black. Two, I’m a woman. Three, I’m plus-sized. Four, I’m gay. But I want to show people no matter who you are, what you are, you have an opportunity to be as successful as anybody else.”

Still, she said that after getting over the shock of her first spiteful comment – which was about her weight – most of the comments started to become supportive. “Sooner or later, all the positive comments outweigh the bad,” she said.

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She also joked about how people who comment about her weight are wrong, anyway.

“I’m not fat, she said. “Fat is just what I have!”

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