Being the spouse of a dedicated 'grammer is a huge responsibility

At last, Instagram husbands are coming forward to tell their stories.

In a hilarious new video created by The Mystery Hour, the brave men who experience this IRL struggle take us through their daily, futile efforts to appease app-obsessed spouses.

“Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall,” one forlorn husband explains to the camera.

As every latte, step and household object is painstakingly documented, these men sacrifice all else in the pursuit of happiness (read: likes). “It’s become a pretty big problem. We take so long to get anywhere because we’re taking pictures of our feet,” one Insta husband reveals.

“I’ve had to delete all the apps off my phone just to make more room for more photos,” says another.

For many men, Instagram-centric relationships have had dehumanizing results: “I’m basically a human selfie stick.”

But there is hope for these husbands, some of whom fight back tears while describing the horrors of picture duty. “If you or someone you know is an Instagram husband, help is out there,” the video promises. The group created a website where husbands can talk about their hardships and connect with other afflicted men.

At the site you’ll find a “receive help” page that includes invaluable information about coping with an Instagram spouse, like turning to medicinal treatment (Jack Daniel’s) and instructions for improving your spiritual wellbeing (destroying your iPhone).