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December 02, 2015 06:35 PM

Social media has become so intertwined in our lives that it’s started to influence our baby names.

BabyCenter just released the results of its 2015 baby names survey, and it reveals that parents are turning to Instagram filters for name-picking guidance.

Insta-inspired names exploded in popularity this past year, particularly Lux, which saw a whopping 75 percent increase in birth certificate appearances. But who exactly will these Instagram people of the future be? Below, we predict how the millennial offspring will live up to the filters they were named for.

His namesake: The Lux tool adjusts color saturation and contrast, making photos appear more intense, and yes, luxe.
His personality: Lux will be a “more-is-more” type bursting with energy and character.
What he’ll be like as a kid: As a youngster, Lux will keep his parents on the move. He’ll be outgoing, outspoken and popular with other children.
Where he’ll work: As a stylist, party-planner or activist.
His favorite TV show: Empire

His namesake: An Instagram spokesperson told Ad Week that the Ludwig filter “achieves a minimalist look” by “taking away most of the colors and then enhancing the light.” The filter also bumps up photos’ contrast.
His personality: Don’t be fooled by Ludwig’s introversion: This quiet yet confident person will retain a calm demeanor while bursting with ideas on the inside.
What he’ll be like as a kid: You won’t have to fight with Ludwig to get him to eat his vegetables. He’ll be a rational, easy-going kid that’s eager to please and learn.
Where he’ll work: As an architect, techie or engineer.
His favorite vacation spot: Western Europe

Her namesake: The Valencia filter applies a gray-and-brown tint to photos, giving them a faded, antique appearance.
Her personality: This elegant anachronistic woman will crave life’s intellectual pursuits, and may have a flare for the beautifully creepy.
What she’ll be like as a kid: Valencia will be filled with questions for her parents, whom she fiercely loves.
Where she’ll work: As a historian or academic, if not in an art gallery.
Her favorite book: Jane Eyre

His namesake: Amaro adds light to the center of photos while darkening the edges and increasing exposure, making them look as if they were left out in the sun.
His personality: Amaro will be the charismatic friend that instantly brightens your day.
What he’ll be like as a kid: Teachers would be annoyed with Amaro’s constant (and contagious) laughter, if he wasn’t just so darn cute.
Where he’ll work: As a teacher, athlete, or musician.
His favorite sport: Surfing.

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Her namesake: With the Juno filter cool tones are tinted green, warm tones pop and whites glow, resulting in vibrant photos of people.
Her personality: A social butterfly, Juno loves to constantly be surrounded by and meeting new people, who are drawn to her warmth and humor.
What she’ll be like as a kid: Juno is bound to be a busy bee with a big imagination and an impressive stuffed animal collection.
Where she’ll work: In a busy newsroom, as a boutique owner or an actress.
Her favorite artist: Picasso

His namesake: Reyes is used to create a “dusty, vintage” photo effect.
His personality: This All-American type will thirst for the great outdoors and always have a good story to tell.
What he’ll be like as a kid: Always coming back from the playground with scrapes, bruises and a smile, Reyes will constantly be exploring and making his mother worry.
Where he’ll work: In a national park or as an extreme sports star.
His favorite movie: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Her namesake: Instagram describes Willow as a “monochrome filter with subtle purple tones and a translucent glowing white border.”
Her personality: Contemplative and insightful, dreamy Willow savors her quiet time and deep personal connections with people.
What she’ll be like as a kid: Willow will be a shy yet polite child who seems wise beyond her years.
Where she’ll work: As a vet, photographer or writer.
Her favorite poet: Walt Whitman.

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