The Instagram account allows couples to submit the stories of how they came together

By Drew Mackie
July 02, 2015 02:40 AM
Courtesy The Way We Met

Are you in a relationship? Do you have a “how we met” story that you love sharing? Have you already told this story to everyone you know in real life and still need to share it further?

Well, good news: There’s a new Instagram account that seeks out just these kinds of stories – and it’s growing in popularity. It’s just a running list of couples in full couple mode, along with a short blurb about how they came to be together.

Here are some examples of how The Way We Met wants to remind you that love abounds, and it happens in all sorts of different ways.

Ed Sheeran Gives One Couple the Proposal of Their Dreams

If you’d like to submit your own couple story, you can do so on the official website here.