As might be expected, the marital vows that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston exchanged last Saturday were just a tad unconventional, or so reveals PEOPLE magazine in its Aug. 14 cover story. The bride promised to always make his “favorite banana milk shake,” while the groom pledged to “pay the difference on the thermostat.” Among the other details, it is revealed why Matt LeBlanc was the wedding’s only no-show from the “Friends” cast (he was stuck on a film location in Budapest, but sent his regrets) and how the couple managed to look so radiant at the ceremony (both had received matching “brother-and-sister” blond highlights at the Beverly Hills Canale Salon). “They’re two peas in a pod,” “Little Odessa” director James Gray says of Pitt and Aniston, who have been known to complete the other’s sentences. As for what they’ll complete next, Pitt’s movie “The Mexican” (with Julia Roberts) is due out next year, while Aniston starts filming the new season of “Friends” on Aug. 8.