INSIDE STORY: Mischa Barton 'Dealing with Personal Issues'

Reportedly committed to a psych ward, she's "a party girl [who] never truly distanced herself from that," says a pal

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Almost a year after describing her DUI arrest as “a low point,” Mischa Barton – who called police with a health problem Wednesday – may be hitting another rough patch.

“She has been dealing with a lot of personal issues,” a pal tells PEOPLE about the actress who has been spotted club hopping in L.A. and London the past few months. “I don’t know if she really ever gave up some of the bad habits that had gotten out of control a couple years back.”

The 23-year-old actress was scheduled to attend the premiere of her movie Homecoming Thursday night in New York City but Access Hollywood reports she remained at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles under psychiatric hold.

Filmmaker Wishes Her Well

“I wish her all the best. First and foremost, we want her to get healthy again,” Homecoming producer Austin Stark tells PEOPLE. “It’s obvious we’d like her to support the movie and be here, but we hope she gets better.”

And of shooting Homecoming with Barton in Pittsburgh, Stark says, “When she was on-set, she acted like a professional. I honestly had no complaints. She struck me as a nice young girl, she never said anything mean to anyone, and she wasn t late on-set or anything like that.”

Her rep declined to comment on the report of her going to a psych ward, but tells PEOPLE, “Mischa has been hospitalized per the recommendation of her doctor and is resting in the hospital.”

Hospitalized in 2007

Her hospitalization comes two years after Barton was also hospitalized in May 2007 after feeling ill at a friend’s Memorial Day barbeque. The incident was the start of what would become several months of both legal and personal troubles for the former star of The O.C..

In December 2007, Barton was arrested for DUI, marijuana possession and driving without a license after police spotted her straddling two lanes of traffic while under the influence of alcohol, according to authorities. She pleaded no contest and was sentenced to three years of unsupervised probation in April 2008. [Barton’s sister Hania also weathered her own share of rumors after a tabloid reported she was hospitalized in 2008 for a drug overdose.]

Later that year in September, the actress split from her musician boyfriend Taylor Locke after dating him for a few months. “I’m not used to being single but it’s really nice,” she told PEOPLE in October.

Relationship Troubles

In late 2008, Barton began dating another rocker, The Kooks’ Luke Pritchard, but called it quits in March because “the bad just started to outweigh the good and a long distance relationship is never an easy thing to do,” she wrote on her blog.

The actress then had to fend off tabloid reports after photos surfaced showing a thinner Barton, prompting speculation about her weight and health.

“Just so you know I’m happier and healthier than ever. Things are really well in Mischa world and I’ve just been watching what I eat,” she said on her Web site.


Mischa’s party-girl ways spiral out of control
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