Shania Twain Kicks Off Vegas Show

The singer begins her two-year residency in Las Vegas Saturday night

Photo: Jeff Bottari/Getty

Shania Twain still feels like a woman. And now she feels like a Las Vegas headliner.

The Canadian singer kicked off her two-year residency Saturday at Vegas’s Caesars Palace with a 90-minute show that features many of her hits and takes the crowd on what she calls a “personal journey.”

“The show is very fun for me,” Twain, 47, told reporters Friday. “I was a bit worried that we were staying in the same place. Was I going to lose that edge? But I’ve never had a show this exciting before.”

In fact, her commitment to the show is so intense that she’s gone an entire week without seeing the sun (in a town that is famously showered in sunshine) in preparation for her opening night.

It paid off.

Taking the stage for the first time in eight years, Twain appeared giddy and her voice sounded as strong as it did when she was pumping out Grammy-winning songs like “You’re Still The One” in the late 90s.

Asked how nervous she was about taking the stage again, Twain said, “I’m actually pretty good.”

Her comfort, she said, comes from surrounding herself with things she loves on stage and her husband, Frédéric Thiébaud, who may be her biggest supporter.

“I cannot live without him,” she said. “I need that support. I just need what we have. It grounds me every day and reminds me that there are a lot of important things going on in the world.”

Added Twain: “He keeps it all in perspective.”

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