The father and daughter open the doors to their family's Hollywood house in InStyle

By Eileen Finan
Updated May 21, 2008 06:00 AM

Miley Cyrus gives a peek inside her “beachy” bedroom and “very girlie” dressing room in her parents North Hollywood home in the new InStyle.

“One of my favorite rooms is my dressing room,” Cyrus says of the room’s hot pink walls and black crystal chandelier. “I wanted it to be very girlie and fashiony, kind of like a boutique.”

The eight-page spread also features a glimpse into the family’s living room – complete with zebra striped armchairs – and kitchen in the 9,000 square foot Mediterranean style home.

“I like the house to be an escape from the insanity that is outside,” says Miley’s dad, Billy Ray.

A smiling Miley is pictured testing out the pink rollerskates Dad bought for her 15th birthday (her name is airbrushed on the side), but she admits to the magazine that sometimes even a superstar s confidence can wane.

“I told my mom, ‘I’m not buying another magazine until I can get past this thought of looking like the girl on the cover.’ She said, ‘Miley you are that girl, and I was like, ‘I know, but I don’t feel like that girl every day.’ You can’t always feel perfect.”