Joy Mangano takes PEOPLE Now inside her incredible closet
Credit: Jake Chessum

If you think HSN superstar Joy Mangano‘s inventions are inspiring, just wait until you see her organized (and product-filled) closet.

Mangano, whose life inspired Jennifer Lawrence‘s new movie Joy, took PEOPLE Now through her home and gave us a peek inside her closet, which is filled with her greatest hits on HSN.

“I see the world through product,” says Mangano, 59. “If there’s a problem can it be solved in a better way? That’s just the way I think. I just can’t stop thinking that way.”

Inside her pristine closet, you’ll find clothes on her Huggable Hangers, the No.1 best selling product in the history of electronic retailing; her own My Little Steamer neatly tucked away on the side; and a basket of her bleach-safe and cosmetic resistant.

But don’t try to ask the single mother of three which of her products is her favorite. “There is not an answer to that question,” she says, comparing it to being asked which one of her children is her favorite.

The Brooklyn-born inventor’s Long Island mansion is just as neatly organized as her closet.

“This home means my family has a place to come. I always my whole life of having a big welcoming home,” she says of her 42,000 sq.-ft. house. It’s my space to really kind of chill out and think of more product.”