The Survivor: Africa winner takes viewers into the hospital for his fourth session

By Mark Dagostino
Updated July 02, 2009 08:50 AM

“It’s chemotherapy day!” Ethan Zohn announces at the top of his latest video diary for PEOPLE.

Taking viewers along to the hospital for his fourth biweekly chemo treatment, the Survivor: Africa winner, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease in April and went public with his diagnosis in May, likens his three-month chemo regimen to a major sporting event: “I’ve made it through the first half, played well in the game. I’m excited to start off the second half.”

Keeping the positive attitude he has shown ever since vowing to “inspire and educate people” through his ordeal, Zohn, 35, lets the camera roll as he enters “the chemo zone,” and takes viewers behind the curtain as a doctor puts a needle in his chest and he downs a cup full of pills – jokingly calling them “Skittles, M&Ms and Tic-Tacs.”

Zohn, who has been filming remarkably candid weekly video diaries for PEOPLE and has accepted invitations to speak for Stand Up to Cancer and the Livestrong Foundation while fighting the disease, has only two chemo treatments left, after which he expects to undergo radiation.

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