Giant, Inflatable Minion Blows into Busy Road, Snarls Traffic in Ireland

A renegade inflatable Minion from the Despicable Me movies blocked traffic in Ireland

Photo: Everett Collection

As their self-titled movie taught us, the Minions live to serve the word’s greatest evil-doers. Summer movie season has also taught us that the Despicable Me creatures are inescapable, showing up on billboards and bus benches and anywhere else they could squeeze in to promote their new film.

And on Sunday, one gigantic Minion managed to cause some real-life havoc in Dublin, Ireland, when it literally stopped traffic on a busy road.

According to The Independent, a 40-foot-tall inflatable Minion decoration blew free of its restraints and into Old Swords Road in the Irish capital. One motorist told the paper that she was stuck in a 15-minute-long traffic jam while emergency officials removed and deflated the yellow creature.

You’ve Got to See John Cena’s Minions Impression

“I’m not sure how it got loose, but I just saw it coming loose and flying across the road as we were driving,” said motorist Erin Van Londen in an interview with The Journal. “I actually rang the [police]. It was quite an odd thing to have to report.”

Police deflated the creature and carted him out of the roadway using a wheelbarrow.

The Journal noted that no one was injured as a result of the incident, though the Minion did damage a vehicle’s side-view mirror. Area officials are investigating whether proper safety precautions were followed in an effort to thwart future dangerous situations, Minion-related and otherwise.

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