Santa wasn't so stealthy this year!

By Naja Rayne
Updated December 25, 2015 05:20 PM
Credit: LaGrange County Sherriff's Department

Santa has made his rounds for the year, but he didn’t quite make it back to the North Pole without being seen.

An officer in Noble County, Indiana, spotted Santa and his reindeer just as they were taking off and captured the moment on his dash cam.

In the photo, six of the eight famous animals are quite the literal version of a deer caught in headlights as they prance into the night sky.

“Photo taken from the dashcam of a Noble County Patrol car in the southern part of Noble County heading northbound a short time ago!” the LaGrange County Sheriff’s Department captioned the photo on Facebook. “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

The photo, which was posted on Christmas Eve, has received nearly 8,500 shares and over 6,700 likes.