Improv Everywhere sent four carolers to a family's home for a surprise – and then they kept sending them

By Drew Mackie
Updated December 18, 2014 09:35 AM

What’s better that a small group of carolers arriving at your home to spread some holiday cheer? How about a seated 20-person orchestra?

This rapidly expanding celebration is the latest stunt by Improv Everywhere, the guerrilla comedy group responsible for the NYC subway spa and the largest-ever When Harry Met Sally homage.

You’re watching the reaction of the Schreiber family, just one of the five families to witness the performance.

A blog post explaining how Improv Everywhere pulled it off includes the reaction of mom Lauren Schreiber: “I kept thinking, ‘What’s going to happen next?’ My kids were dancing, I was singing along, each of us took in different bits and pieces and felt like we were on the set of a movie. My kids will remember it for their entire lives.

The Schreibers even walked home with a Christmas card photo for next year.

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