September 12, 2001 08:53 AM

The FBI has set up a Web site that is seeking any information on suspected terrorists or on other details that might possibly be related to Tuesday’s attack: The FBI phone tip line is (866) 483-5137. For information on family or victims, or to leave a contact number once information becomes available, call (800) 331-0075. The American Red Cross is seeking blood donations (especially type O), and although centers in New York were overcrowded on Wednesday, they will need a continuing supply over the next several weeks. Call (888) BLOOD-88 or (800) HELP-NOW. The Red Cross is also accepting cash donations at that second number. Friends and family who wish to check on passengers may call: American Airlines (800) 245-0999; United Airlines, (800) 932-8555. For more information on helping victims of the attacks, visit

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