'I'm Never Getting Married,' Says Anna Kournikova

The tennis star congratulates Andy Roddick, but doesn't want the same for herself

Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage

Tennis star Anna Kournikova raced to the finish line during a celebrity relay this weekend, but says Andy Roddick will definitely beat her to the altar.

PEOPLE caught up with Kournikova at the First Annual Nautica South Beach Triathalon and asked about the recent engagement of swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker to tennis’ Roddick.

“They’re really young, but I hope it works out,” she said. And as for her own prospects with boyfriend Enrique Iglesias? “I’m never getting married,” she said, adding, “Everything is good.”

Meanwhile, Kournikova may have run four miles as part of a women’s relay team and come in first in the women’s celebrity division for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, but to her it wasn’t “very much.”

“I just did the four-mile run,” she said. “But I just was really doing my normal exercise that I normally do … I exercise about an hour a day.” Her regimen includes 30 minutes of weights and 45 minutes of cardio, she explained. “I love the feeling of sweating. I’ve been exercising my whole life so I really love it.”

Just don’t count on her to stick to a diet either. “I don’t like restricting certain groups or certain types of food. I think everything in moderation is really the best way to go. I try to eat as healthy as I can, which is not always possible,” she said. “You know, I have my Burger King and McDonalds days, too.”

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