"The biggest challenge was trying to remember things that I haven't posted," says the YouTube celebrity with a laugh

By Lanford Beard
Updated April 08, 2015 03:00 PM
Credit: Mike Windle/Getty

iJustine (a.k.a. Justine Ezarik) has overcome a few hurdles in her day – she’s cultivated a massive YouTube audience based solely on her iPhone bill, garnered standing ovations for producing a documentary at SXSW and now written a good, old-fashioned paper-and-binding book for an audience steeped in the digital age.

With iJustine: An Analog Memoir, though, Ezarik faces a particularly daunting challenge: “Trying to remember things that I haven’t posted.”

While the YouTube sensation, 31, has built a following based on her day-to-day candor with fans, she admits she’s been considering a more personal project for years.

And, once she decided to write a book, she had no doubts about her biggest influence: “My main inspiration throughout my entire life has been Steve Jobs and Apple.”

The cover of her memoir, she says, “is definitely an ode to that.”

With throwback pictures, frank discussion of her experiences with bullying and tips for aspiring techies, Analog is meant to be a guidebook of sorts.

“I would always go into stores where I would see coffee table books,” says Ezarik, “and I kind of picture [my book to be] one of those things where it can be a conversation starter – especially if you’re in the tech world.”

iJustine: An Analog Memoir hits stores June 2, 2015 and can be purchased in advance at ijustinebook.com.

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