Iglesias Family Feud?

Julio Iglesias says his children are fortunate to have his fame helping their careers. “They are lucky to be my children,” the 55-year-old singer said this week at a ceremony in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to present a greatest-hits album. “They have great luck in that doors have opened for them so rapidly.” Iglesias’ son, Enrique, told the Los Angeles Times last year that he didn’t like discussing music with his father because he had sold more records. Enrique won a Grammy Award for best Latin pop performer in 1997. Enrique, 23, is the youngest of three children Iglesias had with Isabel Preysler. Sister Chabeli is a Spanish-language TV personality, and brother Julio Jose, 25, is a singer and model whose first album — to be in English — is due in March. It will feature romantic ballads.

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