The 'Fancy' hitmaker responded to her former mentor's radio interview, after he publicly ended their business relationship

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Iggy Azalea has hit back at T.I. after he hinted that he had cut ties with her during a recent radio interview.

During his chat on Thursday, T.I. told HOT 97 host Ebro Darden that his business relationship with Azalea, 25, “took a bit of a rest stop” and that the two have yet to talk personally.

The 35-year-old explained that their silence was due to her Twitter spats, specifically the ‘reckless’ feud with Azealia Banks and her December 2014 fall-out with Q-Tip, whom called out Azalea on issues of cultural appropriation and the history of hip-hop.

“After I kind of had smoothed it over, like okay, ‘What is really meant to be said here is…’ Then, after it was cool, you know what I mean, everything was cool,” T.I. said about defending his former protégée. “And then [Team Iggy] kind of came back and undid what I had just [orchestrated].”

“She had a lot thrown at her in one time, any human being anywhere is going to have a hard time,” he added. “It’s very difficult to be the new kid and to be the butt of the jokes and to be directed, like, be the direction of all the negativity, you know what I mean?”

The Australian rapper tweeted in response to her former mentor on Thursday, following his HOT 97 appearance in New York City.

“Here’s the deal, I am still signed to @tip and do business with him. The first I’ve heard of us having an ‘issue’ is via a radio interview,” she stated in one of five tweets.

“Personally, I don’t think the radio is the place to talk about your personal issues with someone that’s part of your team…” she added confirming she remains a member of T.I.’s The Grand Hustle Records label.

The “Fancy” hitmaker continued to respond to the Ant-Man star’s comments via Twitter: “He seems to think there’s nothing wrong with what he said, everybody else seems to disagree.

“I’m sure tip will publicly clarify what he meant when he feels he has the right platform to do so and other than that, i’m chillin.”

T.I. helped launch Azalea’s music career in 2012 and was an advisor on her freshman album, The New Classic.