August 08, 2015 11:50 AM

It definitely wasn’t love at first sight for Iggy Azalea and fiancé Nick Young.

The rapper told Australian newspaper The Daily Telegraph in a new interview that nearly eight months into their relationship she realized that she’d met the Los Angeles Lakers player before – and didn’t like him.

“[We’d met] a few years prior to that, and I didn’t know and I hated him,” Azalea, 25, told the paper. “I thought he was an a–hole.”

The couple embarked on their high-profile romance after Young Tweeted that he had a crush on the Aussie and her friend brought it to her attention.

“I thought he was pretty handsome, so I went on a date with him,” she said.

For months one of the athlete’s friends insisted to the couple that they had already met, but he couldn’t place where.

“Then one day he got it,” she said in the interview. “He was like, ‘No, I remember you came to our pool party!’ And I did [go] to that pool party and I wouldn’t get into the swimming pool. I didn’t want to get in because I thought they were all a–holes.”

Azalea said that she had attended the party with friends but left early because she wasn’t a fan of Young and his pals.

“I hated all of them. And now I love all of them. When I figured it out, I think I was already in love with him,” she told the Telegraph. “So it worked out! Lucky I didn’t remember him, because we wouldn’t have got the opportunity for a second chance.”

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Azalea and Young dated for more than a year and a half before getting engaged at his 30th birthday party in June.

The pair are planning a “traditional” wedding, and Azalea Tweeted in June that she wants to wear “white or ivory” for the nuptials.

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