This season's third runner-up breaks his left pinkie in a freak accident

Credit: Ted Soqui/Corbis

This season’s American Idol third runner-up Elliott Yamin is recovering from an hour’s worth of surgery last week after breaking his pinky finger on his left hand in a freak accident, PEOPLE has learned.

Yamin, 28, was picking up rocks and throwing them at a sign after visiting a nightspot in his hometown of Richmond, Va. when “his finger got caught on a rod holding down a rock,” says someone close to the situation.

“My finger snapped back and broke. I had to get a plate and two screws and I’m wearing a cast,” Yamin tells PEOPLE. “I’m doing okay. It’s not hampering me.”

The pinky will be on the mend for the next five to six weeks. Given the fact that he’s right-handed, this should not get in the way of giving autographs.

“Everything is scheduled as planned. I’m good,” says Yamin, who on Monday is due in Birmingham, Ala., to perform with the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra.