By Jeanne Darst
Updated December 20, 2001 02:47 PM

Singer Bjork, 36, played before a sold-out house in Laugardalshll, downtown Reykjavik, performing new material as well as well-loved songs and singing in her native Icelandic tongue, according to Reuters. In an interview with a local newspaper, Bjork said she likes to wind up tours in her home country because of the energetic audiences. The petite singer also said she is putting together ideas for her fifth solo album, although she declined to give more details. “It is mostly in my head just now, and so I don’t really want to talk about it. It’s so easy to spoil things that way,” she told the newspaper, according to Reuters. Her fourth album, “Vespertine,” released in August, has been very well received by critics. Bjork received a warm reception in the U.S. in March 2001 when she performed her Oscar-nominated song, “I’ve Seen It All,” from the film “Dancer in the Dark,” at the Academy Awards.