I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

By Laura Lane
Updated July 19, 2015 12:00 PM

Forget about cereal, say bye-bye to sandwiches and toss the pizza aside – it’s National Ice Cream Day, the one day of the year where you have an excuse to eat ice cream for every meal.

Here at the office, we’re celebrating the day with three of our favorite ice cream-themed viral videos.

Even our furry friends love ice cream. As proof, watch this video from 2014 with over 8 million views called “Cooper Loves Ice Cream.” It follows dogs Daisy and Cooper as they go through the McDonald’s drive-through. Daisy gets first dibs on the frozen goodness, because Cooper doesn’t know that ice cream is something you lick and don’t gulp – which he demonstrates with a hilarious crunch at the end.

Maybe nothing brings more joy, or a greater risk of falling out of your chair from excitement, than the soothing sounds of an ice cream truck. Just watch our second pick, “the ice-cream van,” which has more than 12 million views. In it, two young boys innocently munch on their snacks until they hear the chimes of the ice cream truck. The oldest get so excited, he takes a tumble.

And lastly, there’s a first for everything! With nearly 2.5 million views, “Babies Taste Ice Cream for the First Time” is a compilation of just what it sounds like … and it’s fair to say, for these kids, it is not love at first lick.

Happy National Ice Cream day! Now step away from the computer and go get yourself a cone.