The Chief Operating Officer of RYOT News says she's "been off the market" for two years
Credit: Mike Pont/FilmMagic

Fans crushing on Ian Somerhalder may be happy to discover that reports of the actor dating a new woman are false.

Somerhalder, 35, was rumored to be getting cozy with former American Idol contestant Molly Swenson last week, but Swenson has since denied the claims on Twitter, saying that she has a boyfriend.

“I’ve been off the market for 2 yrs! ❤ you @randizzie," she wrote.

Swenson is COO of RYOT News, a news site that links articles to philanthropic action sites. It seems that she shares similar aspirations with her beau Randal Hark, who describes himself on Twitter as “Dreaming, believing, achieving. Connecting people and ideas. I want to make a difference ”

For his part, Somerhalder has not mentioned the dating rumors on Twitter, but does say he spent time at the RYOT news office on Wednesday.

“Hanging at the @ryotnews office with brynmooser and mollydewolf,” he wrote in the caption of an Instagram photo of himself, Swenson and another friend at the publication’s office.

Somerhalder memorably split with Nina Dobrev last spring after dating for several years.