We know these couples have sparks in real life, but would they still work on screen?

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The recent revelations that Ian Somerhalder of The Vampire Diaries and Twilight‘s Nikki Reed are in fact an item has thrown us into a tizzy. Here are two actors, from two completely different vampire franchises, dating and doing romance stuff – as if someone had turned fan fiction into real life.

It got us thinking, how would some of our other favorite couples fare if we swapped each member with their most famous character? We know they’ve got sparks in real life, but would they still work on screen?

Explore our findings below!

Rosalie Hale and Damon Salvatore

If Prince William and Kate represent the ultimate fairy tale, Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder’s budding romance is the fan fiction you hush-hush scroll through before clearing your browser history. Together, The Vampire Diaries‘s brooding bloodsucker and Twilight‘s PFYT (Pretty Forever Young Thing) form the ultimate paranormal power couple with just the right amount of bite.

Verdict: Their relationship would work if they could figure out how to kiss without their fangs getting in the way.

Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf

This hypothetical union was a popular discussion topic around the time of Adam Brody and Leighton Meester’s surprise wedding, and for good reason: Seth and Blair have just enough in common for this to make sense – they’re two super-popular Josh Schwartz creations with a history of dating outside their social circle, if not their class – and enough differences to keep things interesting.

Verdict: As long as they can decide which coast to live on, they’ve got a better shot than most.

Alcide Herveaux and Gloria Delgado-Pritchett

We’re not sure if the True Blood werewolf could afford Gloria, easily the hottest thing about Modern Family if we’re not including Cameron Tucker’s button-downs. Then again – and how do we put this nicely? – shirtless Ed O’Neill isn’t quite as fun.

Verdict: Frankly, it’s a fire hazard. Like, is it hot in here or have we already spent too much time thinking about Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s IRL relationship?

Chief Kevin Garvey and Rachel Green

She’s a runaway bride; his life’s been torn apart by a mysterious event that may have just been the Rapture – are they a match made in heaven? The thrilling blush of true love doesn’t really exist in the universe of The Leftovers, but if anyone could get this small-town chief of police out of his existential funk, it’s Jennifer Aniston‘s Rachel – she’s got experience with mopey suitors.

Verdict: A chatty New York waitress might be just the right match for a man whose estranged wife took a vow of silence.

Troy Bolton and Letty Ortiz

If this were high school, Zac Efron’sItaly makeout partner would be the tough girl who gets picked first for everything in gym class. No, Michelle Rodriguez’s Fast & Furious alter ego doesn’t care that you nailed it on opening night, and no, she will not perform a feverishly choreographed waltz with you at prom, no matter how good-looking you are (and whose yearbook photo was better than Efron’s in High School Musical?).

Verdict: It’s complicated. What kind of car will Troy pick Letty up in for prom?

Crosby Braverman and Veronica Mars

The Bravermans of Berkeley might only be a day’s drive up the coast from Neptune, but Parenthood‘s warm and emotional extended family might as well live in a completely different world from the seedy SoCal landscapes of Veronica Mars. In the hug-happy world of Parenthood, part-time record producer Crosby is a lovable mess, but compared to some of Veronica’s exes, he’s the very picture of stability.

Verdict: The youngest Braverman would certainly find a lot to like in Kristen Bell‘s detective, but knowing Veronica’s weakness for epic love stories, we’re thinking he might be a little too happy-go-lucky for her.

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