James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Do Impressions of Each Other (VIDEO)

McKellen says the hardest part of a good Fassbender impression is the "bright blue eyes"

Photo: Tim P. Whitby/Getty

James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender play younger versions of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen as Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto in the newest X-Men movie, Days of Future Past, so one would imagine they’ve gotten pretty good at imitating their older costars.

And this video proves that one imagines correctly.

Second for second, this clip is nothing if not endearing. And while the world has already been exposed to the heartwarming chemistry between BFFs Stewart and McKellen, who have have imagined that McAvoy would refuse to perform Stewart’s signature “Space, the final frontier” voiceover from Star Trek: The Next Generation, because, McAvoy claims, “That’s a massive thing for me I’ll cry.”

Such are the treasures contained here.

Also, the senior members of the X-Men cast perform impressions of their younger costars: McKellen says he’s working on refining the “bright blue eyes” portion of his Fassbender impression.

You’re not the only one, Sir Ian.

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