Population: Yes

Credit: Courtesy Hyundai

It’s hard not to be a distracted driver when one of Hollywood’s hottest hunks is everywhere you turn.

Hyundai’s 2016 Super Bowl commercial imagines a town (appropriately titled Ryanville) where the only residents are Ryan Reynolds.

As Salt-n-Pepa’s “Whatta Man” pumps in the background, two unsuspecting women drive their Elantra through the suburban streets while passing Reynolds after Reynolds.

First, the 39-year-old Deadpool star cruises by on a bicycle. Then, he’s getting a speeding ticket – from himself.

Reynolds also dons several construction worker hats and then plays an intense game of pick-up football, again, with only himself.

Both women struggle to keep their eyes on the road, nearly resulting in a collision with (who else?) Reynolds walking a bevy of pooches.

Ryan Reynolds’s Changing Looks!

The commercial highlights the 2017 Elantra’s new automatic emergency breaking and pedestrian detection technology – not that the actor’s presence requires extra warning.

“Ryanville” will air during the second quarter of Super Bowl 50 on Sunday at 6:30 p.m. EST.