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April 30, 2009 02:50 PM

Elizabeth Edwards was so devastated upon learning her husband was having an affair that her reaction was physical. “I cried and screamed,” she writes in a new book, “I went to the bathroom and threw up.”

Edwards, who is battling terminal breast cancer, will release her unflinching memoir, Resilience, on May 12. In an advance copy obtained by the New York Daily News, she reveals that she learned of the affair just a few days after Edwards started his 2008 Presidential run.

Although she publicly stood by him, she privately wanted him to drop out of the race. “He should not have run,” she now says.

Edwards blasts Rielle Hunter, the woman with whom Edwards had the affair. Although she never uses Hunter’s name in the book, she paints her as a desperate groupie who seduced John Edwards by saying, “You are so hot.”

The Edwards campaign hired Hunter to produce short films on his candidacy, paying her a total of $114,000. Elizabeth Edwards calls Hunter’s life “pathetic.”

John Edwards doesn’t escape his wife’s anger. She says that he originally lied to her when he confessed that he had strayed, saying it only happened once. He “left most of the truth out,” Edwards writes. A year later, he publicly acknowledged the affair.

But Elizabeth Edwards is working on forgiving her husband, she writes. “I lie in bed, circles under my eyes, my sparse hair sticking in too many directions, and he looks at me as if I am the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. It matters.”

Elizabeth copes with breast cancer and her husband’s affair
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