The Monster Oscar winner speaks out about her injury and misses the Toronto Film Festival

Charlize Theron missed Sunday night’s Toronto Film Festival premiere of her World War II romance Head in the Clouds to remain home in Malibu, where she continues to nurse the spinal injury she suffered two weeks ago on the Berlin set of her new movie, Aeon Flux.

The actress, 29, who’s been photographed wearing a neck brace, spoke to USA Today about the accident, adding: “All I want to do is finish the film.”

The accident occurred Aug. 30 on the set of Flux, just 10 days into shooting. The Monster Oscar winner tackled four-hour-a-day workouts and intense gymnastics training to prepare for the physically demanding role.

“I was on a fast track made of trampoline material doing back handsprings and slipped,” she said. “I had trained for 3 1/2 months, and I loved the gymnastics. But on this day ”

Theron suffered a herniated disc between the sixth and seventh vertebrae, pressing into the fluid sac near her spinal cord. She tells USA Today she’s now off muscle relaxers and enduring three hours a day of physiotherapy. The actress is due to visit the doctor on Monday for a reassessment of her condition.

Although it has been reported that Theron will be laid up for six weeks, there’s no official word on when shooting will resume on Aeon Flux, which costars Frances McDormand, Marton Csokas and Jonny Lee Miller.

Theron’s boyfriend, Stuart Townsend, recently told the Associated Press that “she’s fine, but could’ve been in a lot of trouble.”