Bruce Jenner and Tara Reid bring members of the Capitol to life in the upcoming parody flick

By Kiran Hefa
December 10, 2013 04:30 PM

By now, you’ve probably seen The Hunger Games parodied by cats and Sesame Street. You may have enjoyed these short clips, or you may have sat there and thought to yourself, “I wish this had Bruce Jenner in it.” Well if you’re the latter, it’s time to get excited.

The latest production to poke fun at the blockbuster franchise is The Hungover Games, a mash-up that combines Suzanne Collins’s best-selling novel with The Hangover. Instead of waking up in Las Vegas with no memory of the night before, the film’s protagonists find themselves on a train to the Capitol, with Tara Reid serving as their Effie Trinket-esque guide.

Once there, the quartet is thrown into the arena, where it appears they will face-off against movie characters such as Thor, Tonto from The Lone Ranger, Ted the talking teddy bear and Katniss herself. The group’s every move is presided over by Hank Baskett and, yes, Bruce Jenner, playing versions of Casear Flickerman and Claudius Templesmith.

The film’s IMDb page lists no official release date, but judging by its trailer, you can already count us in for re–Peeta viewings.

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