Hulk Hogan: My Main Concern in Life Is My Son

The American Gladiators co-host is "riding the highs, surviving the lows" of life

Photo: Seth Browarnik/WireImage

With his family problems of the past year made public, Hulk Hogan still says he’s “doing okay” – and right now, it’s his son, Nick, who most concerns him.

“I had some crazy days, and some things that caught me off guard,” the former wrestler and star of VH-1’s Hogan Knows Best, 54, admitted at an American Gladiators press gathering. “[I’m] riding the highs, surviving the lows, and leaning into the wind. It’s all an attitude thing to me. Being positive and knowing that things are going to get better.”

After son Nick, 17, was involved in a car accident last summer in which the passenger still remains in critical condition, “My main concern in life is my son, and his situation with the boy in the car,” says Hogan. “Everything seems to be getting better in that situation.”

Despite the difficult time he’s going through, “There is no other choice but to be okay,” says Hogan. “Just crawl up in a hole or jump off a bridge – that’s not an option for me. So I’m doing much better.”

On the future of his reality show, especially now that his wife Linda has filed for divorce, Hogan says: “I’m not sure, I’m not sure yet. I know VH-1 would like more programming. It’s a situation where I would love to focus more on my daughter [Brooke]’s career. It’s like a jump-ball type situation. They’re talking about it. As of two days ago, they were talking about it.”

Hogan and boxing champ Laila Ali are co-hosting the new American Gladiators, which premieres on NBC Jan. 6.

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