The body of Timothy Henry Gray, 60, was discovered by kids sledding in Wyoming

By Stephen M. Silverman
Updated January 02, 2013 08:10 AM
Credit: AP

The strange case of reclusive New York copper heiress Huguette Clark grew even stranger over New Year’s with the news that her half-great-nephew, who stood to inherit $19 million from her $400 million estate, was found dead in the snow in Wyoming.

The body of Timothy Henry Gray, 60, was discovered Dec. 27 underneath the overpass of Union Pacific Railroad in the small mining town of Evanston by kids who were sledding nearby, reports ABC News.

The coroner said Gray, who reportedly was homeless, died of hypothermia. Police said there was no sign of foul play.

“He appeared to have died from exposure,” Lt. Bill Jeffers of the Evanston police told “He was just wearing a lighter jacket and jeans.” His wallet also contained uncashed checks dating back a few years, said the Uinta County coroner.

“This is not the average situation of a person who’s down on their luck,” said Greg Crandall, from the coroner’s office. Gray’s brother told ABC that Timothy had worked across the area as a cowboy.

Huguette Clark, 104, died in May 2011 at Manhattan’s Beth Israel Medical Center, where she had lived in seclusion for 22 years after cutting herself off from friends and family.

Her will, currently in dispute, has caused a stir with her surviving relatives, who were cut out of her estate. Instead, she left her fortune to her nurse, her doctors and charity.