Hugh Jackman Sings from 'Wolverine: The Musical' (Yes, It's a Joke)

The X-Men star kids his big Les Miz number while on a British radio show

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Yo, if the movie Rocky can be turned into a Broadway musical, what’s to stop X-Men?

At least, that was the notion suggested by none other than the Wolverine star himself, Hugh Jackman, when he had some spoof lyrics foisted upon him Saturday while appearing on BBC Radio 1’s The Matt Edmondson Show.

Jackman, ostensibly onboard to promote X-Men: Days of Future Past, proved good-natured about the impromptu moment. Taking the so-called Wolverine: The Musical lyric sheet in hand, the 2008 Sexiest Man Alive sang to the tune of his pensive Les Misérables number “Who Am I?” – even managing a hearty chuckle as he read the words for the first time as he delivered them.

In addition to poking fun at the Wolverine diet, (I’m at the gym doing weights each day/Hugh has got to look buff, they say), Jackman, 45, also sang:

Who am I?
Am I a superhero with some claws?
Or just an actor searching for applause?
Wolverine has all the fans
But what about me, Hugh Jackman?

For the capper, Jackman even laughed when he failed to hit a high note.

Speaking of high notes, this also might be a good time to note that Jackman will be returning to host Broadway’s Tony Awards June 8, having won an Emmy for his stint in 2004. He then turned over the emcee duties for the past few years to an equally game Neil Patrick Harris.

But, for now, ladies and gentlemen, let’s put your claws together for … Wolverine!

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