If you want to celebrate with Josh and Hugh, you must love dogs

By Kelli Bender
Updated October 12, 2015 03:55 PM
Gary Gershoff/Wireimage; Chelsea Lauren/Wireimage

October the 12th is a very important date. Sure, it marks the moment Christopher Columbus arrived in North America, but more important, it marks the day both Hugh Jackman and Josh Hutcherson came into our lives.

Yes, this mid-October date is one chock-full of charming celebrity presents. The similarities between Jackman, 47, and Hutcherson, 23, don’t stop at what day they arrived in the world. Some parallels are more obvious than others. For example, did you know that both of these men are actors? Woah! Or that they share the same initials, just reversed?

Ok, now time for the trickier stuff. Celebrate the birthdays of these two beautiful and talented men by discovering what else the Aussie mate and the Kentucky boy have in common.

1. Superb Dog Dads

Both of these stars adore their pups. Hutcherson is the proud papa to rescued pit bull Driver, who is missing two toes. Jackman, on the other hand, isn’t a one-dog man. The Pan actor can often be spotted strutting the streets with his two adorable pups, Dali and Allegra.

2. Bangin’ Beach Looks

Whether they’re jogging shirtless (preferably) or serving up casual summer styles – and volleyballs – this pair dress best when they are hitting the sand.

3. Franchise Aficionados

Unless you live in a dystopian North America where it’s next to impossible to get a loaf of bread, let alone a wifi signal, chances are you have probably heard of the X-Men and Hunger Games film franchises. These are the dudes who helped lead these action movies to box office success and create an insanely dedicated fanbase. Perhaps, Oct. 12 is the key to action movie success? Or maybe it’s perfecting the brooding, sit and stare look?

4. Musical Minds

Jackman is a two-time Tony winner, a four-time Tonys host, and he is gifted with a soothing yet powerful singing voice that has captivated countless film and Broadway audiences. Meanwhile, Hutcherson has mastered how to sing the Super Mario Bros. theme song pretty well.

Happy Birthday, guys!