Huffington Comes Out

Former Republican Rep. Michael Huffington, a California millionaire who spent $28 million in a failed bid for the Senate in 1994, discloses in a magazine interview that he is gay. “I know now that my sexuality is part of who I am,” Huffington, 51, said in the January issue of Esquire. “I’ve been through a long process of finding out the truth about me.” The oil and banking heir and former congressman disclosed his sexuality during 20 hours of interviews with the article’s author, David Brock, last spring. When he was a congressman, Huffington voted against a policy that discourages homosexual enlistment in the military. He told Esquire he is not sure if he’s a Republican anymore.

  • If Californians were surprised by Huffington’s announcement, it did not surprise his ex-wife Arianna, Esquire said. The magazine said Huffington told her of his gay past before they were married in 1986. The Huffingtons, who have two daughters, were divorced in June 1997 after 11 years of marriage. She is a conservative columnist and political commentator. Huffington’s former wife was not quoted in the Esquire article but issued a statement Saturday saying, “I wish Michael well, and all that matters to me is that he’s a good father to our children.”
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