Howard Stern: I'm Married No, I'm Not

The shock jock pulls off a marital scam on his first Sirius show

Photo: Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA

The talk was X-rated but marriage-minded Monday morning as Howard Stern kicked off his much-ballyhooed new show on Sirius Satellite Radio.

About 80 minutes into the program, the shock jock announced that he and his longtime girlfriend, model Beth Ostrosky, had tied the knot during their vacation in Mexico, the Associated Press reports.

Within 90 minutes, however, the newsflash was revealed as a prank. After all, Stern has vowed never to marry again, he reminded cohost Robin Quivers.

The marriage announcement, he said, was a big, fat scam, in response to a false item in the New York Post about the supposed nuptials.

Said Stern on the air, now that he is free of federal censorship rules: “I am not married. It’s a nice feeling that we get along great. We’re very happy and I don’t want to f— it up.” said Stern, who is finally free of federal decency laws on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Also on the new show was ex-Star Trek star George Takai, who recently came out as gay. The actor is the new voice of the show, and Stern’s listing on the Sirius tuner is “1-800-9ASSH—.”

The new show also accommodated callers, who one by one wished Stern good luck. That ticked him off.

“I’ve been doing years and years of shows but I get irritated when people wish me luck,” he said. “You should have wished me luck 25 years ago.”

Some things never change.

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