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The Internet is finally addressing an age-old question: If dogs wore pants, how would they wear them?

On Monday night, Maxim editor Jared Keller tweeted a picture of two dogs, both wearing blue jeans, under the caption: “If a dog wore pants would he wear them like this or like this?” The first dog is wearing his jeans on all four of his legs, while the second dog is wearing them on his two hind legs, as though he were human and his front legs were arms.

People have a lot of opinions about it, with the correct opinions being that they’d wear pants like the second dog, OF COURSE.

Those in the minority the-dog-would-wear-them-on-all-four-legs camp insisted that those two legs up front are not in fact arms, which is why they need pants coverage, just like any other leg.

One Reddit user offered some diplomatic analysis that may just sway us towards supporting the dog on the left: “Well pants are a human invention so if they were to wear them like humans it would be like the ones on the right. However, if dogs invented dog pants it would be like the ones on the left, leaving the a––hole freely available for greetings and ice breakers.”

Later that evening, Keller took a poll and 81% of the over 25,000 people who responded said that the dog would only wear the pants on his two back legs.

We’re more torn than when we started this investigation. Let’s all take a five.